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Walters Lake Road Service/Thendara SAD II

With the recent special assessment district (SAD) agreed to by the Independence Township Board, the Walters Lake Road Service web site will no longer be available. If you have any questions please direct them to Tom Neal.

The snowplowing for the original area of Thendara Park is currently performed by Ultra, which. in 2017/18, is the same company that performs the snowplowing in the rest of the Thendara Park area. Because the original roads are still considered Private, and the newer roads are not, it is not possible to have Doug McAlpine respond to any questions or problems pertaining to snowplowing on the original roads.

The original roads are the ones closer to Walters Lake, and consist of parts of Thendara, Mohican, Park, Onandaga, Sequoyah, Neosho, and Pequoit.

For more information please contact Tom Neal, or send a querie through via the Contact Us page.