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Upcoming Events  If you would like to organize something for the neighborhood please contact one of the Board Members or send a note to us through the Contact Us page. Events that have been popular in the past and/or have been thought of as possibles include Neighborhood Garage Sales, Music nights at Shippey Park, Parties (e.g. Halloween, Skating at Shipey Park). All it takes to have a great event is a great idea and an enthusiastic chairperson.

Thendara Park Annual Picnic!! – Open to ALL Thendara residents!  Please join us on Sunday, June 4th at Shippey Park, our neighbourhood park in the middle of the subdivision.
The association will provide hot dogs with condiments.  We ask that each resident bring a dish to pass (salad, dessert, etc.), and their own beverages.  We will also provide plates, cups, napkins, plastic-ware and porta-potty for your convenience.
During the picnic there will be family friendly games like Tug-of-War, Board Race Relay, Sack Relay Race, Team Connect-a-Shot, Old Clothes Relay, and a Human Ring Toss (with prizes too).  We will also have a huge blow up bounce/obstacle course!  Finally, we will have a brief meeting to discuss happenings in our subdivision.
Why not take a little time to try something new and get to know the people who live right next door to you a little better!  There are a ton of kind and friendly people in our community! 
Come join us and have some fun!!

GARAGE SALESMay 13th, May 20th and June 4th.

You may choose any additional days you want.  We will advertise in the local newspaper, Nextdoor, Clarkston websites and the Thendara Park Website.  If you would like more information please contact teamwhite@comcast.net. 


Take a book and leave a book for free. There is a housing unit at Shippey Park to hold all of the books. Anyone may take a book, and if you have any extra ones you can donate them.


We will try to keep the following information up to date as we learn about requests or events:

JAN TO MAR     Ice Skating at Shippey Park
FEBRUARY     Homeowners Meeting

Easter Party

Homeowners Meeting

MAY 20     Spring Clean-up at Shippey Park
JUNE 4     Annual Picnic at Shippey Park
June 16th     End of the School Year Party
June 17th     Jeffery's Campfire Group Reunion

Homeowners Meeting






Halloween Party





Santa visits

Holiday Lighting Contest


Occasionally, we receive requests to reserve the Shippey Park Gazebo for a private party. Any one who is a resident of our neighborhood is welcome to use the park and its facilities at any time. If you would like to use the Gazebo then we would suggest that you contact us to see whether anyone else has already put a request in for that date, and if everything is OK then you might want to put a small notice up on the gazebo a few days before the event stating that it is reserved for that date and time. You will need to take all of your trash with you as there is no trash pick up at the park. Please note that it is not possible to stop your neighbors from using the park during your party, but it is to be hoped that they would respect your group and not be disruptive.



For all events where food and drink may be provided, please note:

Because food and drinks (both bought and homemade) are provided by many different home owners, the ingredients at any event where refreshments are available cannot be guaranteed to be safe for those with food allergies. We would strongly recommend that if you have any concerns regarding ingredients or cross contamination that you bring your own refreshments so that you and your family will be able to join in the fun without worrying if any of the items are safe.